Which countries do you ship to and how much does the shipping cost?

ANNE MANNS ships worldwide.

Shipping to Non EU-Countries is for free. Costs of transferring money by credit institutions - for example: transfer fees, exchange rate charges) or import duties or taxes (customs duties) are to be paid by the customers. We as a company are not responsible for additional costs.


What shipping methods are used?

We ship all our jewelry via DHL EXPRESS. Please note that ANNE MANNS is not responsible for the costs of taxes, duties, import fees or other additional fees that may be levied on international shipments. 


When will my order ship?

Shipping times can vary according to the kind of product, its availability and readiness.



What are the return policies?

At ANNE MANNS all sales purchased outside the EU are final. In case you have any questions or need further information on pieces, please feel free to contact our customer service:

If you receive an item that you believe is defective, we require an email to our customer service: within 48 hours after having received the item.

Please send us your order number/proof of purchase, name, a photo of the defective item and an explanation of the reported issue. We reserve the right to refuse returns, refunds and repairing of the item.

These policies are only applicable to our ANNE MANNS online shop. We are not responsible for ANNE MANNS items purchased from another retailer.


Product & Material Care

How do I take care of my jewelry?

It is important to know that contact with water and air impurities can cause jewelry to tarnish and darken. Therefore, we highly recommend storing your jewelry separately inside a closed felt pouch, an air-tight box, an anti-tarnish ziplock plastic bag or carefully wrapped in a polishing cloth.

• Additionally, we recommend storing your pieces away from direct sunlight and salt, in a dark, dry and cool place.

• Remove your jewelry before exercising.

• Please refrain from using cosmetic and skin care products near your jewelry pieces.

After wearing your jewelry, gently rub it with a soft 100% cotton cloth or a polishing microfibre cloth, before storing it away.

For further information, please read our care advice section.


Care Advice Sterling Silver:

Pure sterling silver with no gemstones or pearls can be washed in warm water. It can also be polished dry with a soft lint free, non abrasive cloth. Cloths especially made for polishing silver, can be the ideal companion to keep your silver shining. 

Care Advice Gold Vermeil:

We recommend the use of a non-abrasive cloth or a soft jewelry cloth to gently rub the surface in a circular motion. Avoid using a silver cloth as it can remove the gold plating. Do not use chemical cleaners as these can strip and damage the gold finish.



Where is ANNE MANNS jewelry made? We produce all our pieces in Germany. Honouring the precise workmanship of jewelry making, we create our pieces in cooperation with a Berliner goldsmith and produce them in a small family business in the south of Germany.